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sliding tarp systems Roll the tarp to the covered position. Roll-off systems typically include tarp, aluminum latch plate, tarp stops, galvanized bows, galvanized metal end caps where applicable (fabric end caps also available), crank arm, crank retainer with stand off, center ridge straps, return cord assembly, galvanized roll tube and galvanized stationary tube. • LT ALU LEG drop legs -> LT ALU LEG. Our universal tarp hardware even works with other brand tarps. “They all look good when they’re brand new,” says Lloyd Verduyn, president of Verduyn Tarps. Sliding tarpaulin bodies Our "unique" SafeServer 2in1 system consists of two proven body systems and delivers innovations just where they are needed. 20'6" clear down in the well I do try to picture the integrity of the trailer to give a good feel of condition. TURFSIDER ® Roll Up Curtain System These systems are highly recommended for heavy snow load and rain regions reducing snow, ice and water accumulation by 90% due to the domed roof. The Conestoga 2® is an innovative sliding tarp system originally designed for flatbed trailers and is now available for many different applications. Tarpstop, Perrysburg, OH. USA and Load Covering Solutions INC. Clicking Submit Form button will send your form information to Quick Draw Tarpaulin Systems where a representative will review the information and contact you shortly. TRAILER ROOF. A tarpaulin system that turns a flatbed trailer into a fully covered trailer and closes to provide an open flatbed trailer. 8. For Sale Price: USD $14,990. Let us install a 2019 Aero XP Sliding Curtain system kit on your NEW MAC w/ installation at Indianapolis IN, Omaha NE or Streetsboro OH,48' x 102" $14,990 53' x 102" $15,890, heights up to 104" Crank-N-Go 3 tarp system. The cover can operate automatically or with manual controls. 2003 REITNOUER BIG BUBBA Sliding Tarp System Trailer. The Strongest, Most Versatile Tarp Fastener Ever!™ Shelter Systems’ Grip Clips attach quickly and easily to tarps or any fabric without tools. Certified Slidekit Installer & Dealer - Click Here for Slidekit  For combined transport on rail & roads: Kögel Swap, the swap body with a sliding tarpaulin. Much like a dry  When fully open, the system will compress to 8 feet long and lock to any spot on the trailer track. Curtain systems, tarp doors, vinyl strip curtains, room dividers. The vinyl paint we use to print your company name won’t crack or peel, ensuring that your tarp looks great during its lifespan. Getting rid of a few odd ball tattoos laying around ( see my other Yaris for sale). (Make sure weld is cooled before sliding roll tube back into tarp!) 6. One Piece Tarp. Customize Your Tarp. Quickslide ™ Slide Curtain Systems. MiniTrix 15375 Mineral Water Transport Sliding Tarp Car Set Prototype: Three (3) French State Railways (SNCF) type Rils sliding tarp cars. Business hours are M-F 8am-5pm and Sat. Y. Tarps with a taper make for better ground shelters, but symmetrical tarps can play double-duty in a hammock system. Our Netcap sliding tarp system is used by operators worldwide to transport steel profiles, coils, wood, glass, containers, machines and automobiles. 2020 Reitnouer Bigger Bubba lowpro drop deck trailer with Merlot Vango sliding van tarp system. Click the blue circle for a picture and more info. It is self-contained, operating from the train's air system. the LOOK ® Flat Top Modular Systems (off site) SLIDE KIT™ Dome Roof Steel Haulers System. 95 . When a hard sided box-like trailer just won't provide the exterior side & top accessibility, then turn to the experts at "LCT" for all your unique load covering solutions. We know the Construction and Waste industries include tough work and long hours, and you need a well-built, reliable, economical tarping system. Loads Easily. 2021 REITNOUER BIG BUBBA W/VANGO SLIDING TARP SYSTEM. Innovative Trailer Tarp Solutions. 1-888-277-7787. At just 1,500 pounds (for a 48-foot flatbed), the ShurTite™ is both lightweight and aerodynamic. Suitable for carting grain and fertiliser, sand or gravel. That’s exactly what our Donovan® Sliding Tarp System 10ft Top Deck Winches (2) 18x18x60 Toolboxes 97 inch Inside Height in Center 77 inch Inside Height on the Outside Edge Aluminum Wheels All Trailers 10+ years in age or around the 10K or less price are not sold as over the road trailers but as cheap trailers for farm use. Available in sizes that can attach to any body length, these systems use a hassle-free cable system that effortlessly slides your tarp back and forth over your open top area. The ShurTite™ systems are built  21 May 2013 Rolling tarp. These trailers are extremely versatile and use full. Hydraulic adjustable three-stage gantry tower integrates with the included tarp housing, roll tube, LED work lights, and 12-volt motor. Tarping a flatbed truck and its load is time-consuming and dangerous. You can not use them during light showers and sun. In northern climates, snow is also a possibility. Our signature pneumatically operated sliding hatch cover provides a complete solution, turning an open top hopper into a sealed container. Dramatically reduces tarping time — tarp your load in less than 2 minutes. 2018 Reitnouer Big Bubba Aluminum Flat w/ Fastrak Sliding Tarp System, 48x102 Air Ride w/ Front Lift Axle, Winch Track both Sides w/ (12) Sliding Winches and (12) Sliding Strap Retainers, J-Hook Track (no hooks included), Liquid Filled Air Gauge w/ Manual Dump Valve in a Box, (2) 24x24x60 Aluminu Sealed gate open tops with tarp systems come in rectangular or tub styles, cable hoist or hook lift and sizes that range from 10 to 40 cubic yards. Used Scania R sliding tarp system tarp tractor-trailer 500 6x2 Diesel Euro 5, Treviso - Ad n°4806935. Search for New and Used Farm Equipment, Implements, Machinery and Trucks For Sale throughout the US, Iowa, Minnesota, South/North Dakota, and Nebraska. SRT-2™ Electric Tarp Conversion converts manual spool roll tarp systems to electric. Digital or custom painted graphics can be placed on the tarp, providing permanent advertising. PVC-coated polyester waterproof material. In addition to our standard all-aluminum Rolling   Sliding Tarp System Trailer. Designed for security, smooth operation, and increased productivity with operator safety in mind. Nov 17, 2020 · Merlot Vango Tarp Sliding System, Sold By: UTILITY TRAILER SALES OF GEORGIA Stockbridge, Georgia 30281 VISIT OUR WEBSITE. If you are a flatbed hauler, MyteeProducts is your one stop shop for everything flatbed. Complete- At Verduyn Tarps, we engineer and manufacture the best custom-made semitrailer tarp systems in the industry. 5. They also determine immune system response to inflammatory diseases and prepare the body to store it and making it easy for the members to update the website on their own, Paul Pasko designed WYSIWYG content management modules which allowed the association to manage the website without any programming or web design knowledge. About 0% of these are Knitted Fabric, 0% are Other Fabric. We ship to all of USA and Canada. Siding Systems, Inc. Phrases like accordion/foldable/collapsible  The tarps on cable systems last the longest because they don't need to be tied down to keep the tarp from flapping. tarps to cover my loads. Or, if you are in the flat bed business we can supply you with steel and/or lumber tarps, as well as any sliding tarp system repairs, or other tarping repairs. When the distance at the rear of the trailer is set, go to the front of the trailer and measure 15-17 inches from the front of the tarp and mark the The adjustable crank handle with pinless retainer allows for an easy in and out action, saving time. It has side flaps with 150mm drop and fold up rear envelope. It also improves driver safety by eliminating the need to climb up onto the load to cover it. , 4. Whether you’re trying to load unusual cargo, trying to save time on tarping, or both, a sliding flatbed tarp system from Verduyn Tarps is the answer. ," in Joplin, MO for its Windmaster SMARTLOOK ROLL TOP Systems. They Zippers allow you to open the tarp partially and make it easy to roll the tarp up/down without unfastening the grommet anchors. will help you design and maintain your systems. Besides A-frames, other tarp shapes include: Flat tarps like the Sea to Summit Escapist, which is 10’ x 10’. This heavy-duty steel tarp is constructed with a tough and durable 18 oz. Oct 24, 2019 · Asphalt Tarps are made of Vinyl while Dump Truck Tarps are made of PVC Coated Mesh. 2018 REITNOUER 48X102 ALUMINUM FLATBED W/ SLIDING TARP. Sometimes called rolling tarp systems, retractable tarps, sliding systems… Chameleons have one main mission: That mission is to allow you to tarp without putting a foot on the trailer and to keep your load dry in any weather. Click icons below to view . The system is comprised of a plurality of inverted U-shaped support bows extending laterally across the trailer and secured to sections of the tarpaulin. It enables a single user to tarp a load and never leave the ground. $24. Click here for our product brochure on Kögel SWAP Demountable Systems. Super Duty Gear Motor with 98" Tarp Spool with Integrated Housing, Adjustable Tower, Super Tough Mesh Tarp, Wireless Power Pack with Black Boxª Remote Control 2 Keyfobs w/Retract - able Keyfob Clips, Wide Tarp Bow Set Estimated System Weight: 800lbs DC400 The front cover's width is fully adjustable and protects the pulley boxes from the weather. Secure your flatbed loads with a sliding tarp system, contact us today to learn more. FOB Dayton, OHThis (truck or trailer) has been consigned to TNT Sales (TNT) to sell for the customer, TNT does not own it. They are the most versatile, but also the least user-friendly because they have no natural shape. · Covers  Conestoga Trailers with full sliding tarp systems. 48 ft long with the ability to scale weights up to 48,000lb. 4. “It’s when it gets to be used a little Buy the Roco 76475 Sliding Tarp Car from Reynauld's Euro Imports. Call Us Now!! HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday - Friday 7 alternative to tarping your open top van or trash transfer trailer. It doesn’t get any safer than that. We are a distributor & manufacturer of lumber tarps, steel tarps, mesh tarps, custom tarps, vinyl rolled goods & rubber straps. Front Speed Lock. 48ft system w/ BH & Nose Cone weighs only 1400 LBS; Add 2" Lightbar with Mirror Stainless Steel & 24 lights / side  16 Nov 2015 Our Netcap sliding tarp system is used by operators worldwide to transport steel profiles, coils, wood, glass, containers, machines and automobiles. Aluminum , Rear Axle Slide(California Legal). At the back, an optional extruded aluminum tension bow keeps the tarp from flapping in transit. Continuous Advertising. Also, decide how long the zipper should be. Custom-engineered to fit your trailer specs and adds convenience and versatility to your load-hauling experience. 20 Sep 2017 Why A Sliding Tarp System Is Ideal For A Trucker. MANAC USED Similar Listing: 12442913 For Sale | 33 total results. Each support bow has rollers secured thereto for sliding movement along rails on each side of the trailer. After the adjustable tower is lowered, the tarp can be 'winched' onto the container to provide a snug overall fit. They aren't used to haul dry van freight typically. Removable bow ends allow for bow and tarp replacement without removing drive cables. Updated: Thu, Nov 19, 2020 3:45 PM This is the perfect system for transporting glass and steel. Established in 1990, we are the industry leader in Curtain-side Trailer Technology. (2) Subdivision (a) applies to all component parts of a tarping system, including the following: (A) The transverse structure at the front of the vehicle to which the sliding walls and roof of the tarp mechanism are attached, provided the structure is not also intended or designed to comply with Section 393. Get the ultimate in coverage with your choice of a mesh or solid vinyl tarp to fit your dump bed. · Adaptable. The bow end of the trolley will rise on trolley rail or in the track, without even touching the trailer at all. 00 - $8,000. The curtain, or tarp system, can be easily moved out of the way, which offers quick access to the trailer for filling. Check the label for specifics. Windmaster SMARTLOOK sliding tarp system displayed at the 2016 Mid America MATS truck show in Louisville, Kentucky. They are made for almost all trailers and uses. 20 Results We install the FASTRAK kit on a 48' for $14175 and on a 53' for $14975. Windmaster GR8LOOK Rolling Tarp System. It’s that simple! Many sliding tarp systems known in the art are attached to tracks that run along the lengths of a trailer and can be retracted along those tracks to provide easier access for loading and unloading. Quick Quote. Slider tarps. Tarps The Top Slider Cable System uses the jam free single cable drive design with a tarp that covers the top of the opening. , Galv. 2012/2013 Reitnouer drop decks 51’ x 102” all aluminum drop decks with Sliding Tarp System, 11’ upper deck/40’ lower deck, 12” crossmember spacing, 30” king pin setting, wide spread air ride suspension with sliding rear axle that is California legal in the slid forward position (10’ 2” in the spread position/60” in the closed 2007 Xl glass trailer with rolling tarp system. It'll take five to fifteen minutes to attach a hand tarp, while a tarping system can get the job done in seconds. Length: 48 ft. the LOOK ® Flat Top Modular System (off site) SLIDE KIT™ Dome Roof Steel Haulers System. Contributions to efficiency and productivity include: The first Side Kits for flatbed trailers, the first side-to-side tarp system, and the Conestoga — a sliding tarp system that turns a flatbed into a fully covered van in just seconds. The UHMW sliders and single cable design make this the most dependable Top Slider Cable System available. opened and closed it by myself in 3 minutes maybe. Manufactures flip tarp kits, side roll kits, side roll tarp systems for open top vans and crank and go tarp kits. Complete System Installation & Fabrication, Systems Repair, Custom Tarp Manufacturing, Tarp Repair - All on-site. The Aero Conestoga XP is an innovative sliding tarp system originally designed for flatbed trailers and is now available for many different applications. 2. Since 1987, Mountain Tarp has been manufacturing reliable tarping systems for construction, agriculture, transportation, and waste applications. 30" Front and Rear Bows. Can someone post their experiences with their systems and what design you think is the best? This information system is only approved for UNCLASSIFIED//FOUO. The front cover gives the system a great finished look. This is a 11’ SLD Asym tarp (head right ). These custom flatbed tarp systems are safe, convenient and time-saving solutions. 398 Kenora Ave. com offers 1,422 sliding tarps products. 00 . 2008 WABASH NATIONAL 53X102 COMBO FLAT W/ SLIDING TARP Manufacturer: Wabash 2008 Wabash Combo Flatbed w/ Sliding Tarp System, 53x102 Air Ride Sliding Tandem, Tarp has a 97” Inside Height, Winch Track with Winches, 445 Super Single Tires on Aluminum Wheels. Even special loads with a length of 27 meters and a width of 3 meters can be safely transported using this system. They can be used to join two tarps or to shape a tarp into a shelter or to a desired function by gathering up a fold. We have  85 Results NEW Fontaine Infinity 53 x 102 Combination aluminum and steel flatbeds with Aero Sliding Tarp System! Combo construction with aluminum side rails, rear and floor with (4) Apitong nail strips, 30” king pin, widespread air ride with a  27 Mar 2018 Now, with the touch of a button, qualified operators of any ability and experience level can safely, efficiently and correctly open, close and tension their rolling tarp systems. So either flip the switch or turn the crank, and the tarp and bows slide forward or backward over your load. Saves Time and Money. Slide the tarp axle back until the end of the spline on the back of the axle is 19-22 inches away from the end of the tarp. Products: For more information about the different products, please check the specialized website: • Netcap sliding tarp systems -> Netcap. Dec 08, 2020 · Landstar Spec for Military Loads Wood Floor Vango Rolling Tarp System Container Locks for 2-20' Containers, or Heavy 20' Container Low Profile King Pin Plate Sliding Winches Both Sides Tie Bar sliding bow tarps Sliding bow tarps, wind out tarps, hoop tarps, front to back tarps or whatever you want to call them, have long been the preferred system for covering a load quickly and safely. Trailer Specialists sells tarp systems for flatbed trailers, drop deck trailers, glass hauler trailers, straight trucks and many other transportation vehicles. Like the original Conestoga, the Conestoga XP features our smooth and durable steel wheels on a stainless steel track system with the same innovative design. We can also service and repair many brands of tarp systems including Till-Fab, Roll-Tite, Aero, Conestoga, Chameleon, Quick Draw, etc. The Fastrak® II by Tarpstop is the newest and most thoroughly engineered Rolling Tarp System on the market today. The system is designed to operate completely from the ground, so there's no tarp straps and no need for climbing on the load. Standard Features on the Wagon Master Sliding Tarp System: - A Skylight Roof - Front Quick Release Industrial Ratchets - Roll-Up Door in Rear - Choice of either Smooth Aluminum or Tread-Brite® Aluminum Bulkhead Curtain Side / Roll Tarp Trailers. · Durable. This simple arc motion can save you a lot of time and hassle, as you simply pull the tarp cover over and you are ready to go. This allows the tarp to be draped over sharp items and preventing tearing of the tarp. Trucking Company Owners, Fleet Managers & Owner Operators have made it their mandate to explore fuel saving devices that reduce wind drag while providing less emissions into the atmosphere and promoting driver safety. It can be installed on any dump body, end dump, belly dump, or roll off can. By using this IS (which includes any device attached to this IS), you consent to the following conditions: New Mac Aluminum Flatbed; Fastrak II Sliding Tarp System; Roll-up rear curtain; Aluminum rear curtain handle located in aluminum storage keeper, mounted to crossmembers behind landing gear on left side; Smooth aluminum nose with rounded corner radius panels and header; Lockable man door in nose; 72,000 Pound beam rating (Ratings from 52,000K - 80,000K available); Coil package with load capacity of 72,000 pounds in 4' span; 30" Kingpin setting; Hendrickson AA-300 TP Air ride suspension DISTRIBUTED BY: MICHEL'S INDUSTRIES, LTD. Oct 31, 2016 · Rolling tarp systems have replaced sidekits as the preferred method for covering flatbed freight. For Sale Price: USD Shur-Co® purchased Roll-Tite™ in 2014, bringing it into their Flatbed Division, adding a retractable tarp system to their already wide array of lumber, steel, and custom tarp offerings and cargo control items. 2018 Reitnouer Big Bubba Aluminum Flat w/ Fastrak Sliding Tarp System, 48x102 Air Ride w/ Front Lift Axle, Winch Track both Sides w/ (12) Sliding Winches and (12) Sliding Strap Retainers, J-Hook Track (no hooks i $54,900. The Vango has earned the reputation as the most durable and easy to operate rolling tarp system on America’s highways. They offer the quickest and safest rolling tarp systems on the market. Electric tarp systems also available - Dealers Welcome! Request a Quote 1-888-325-5757. axle extension to the tarp axle in at least four places at 90 degrees from each other. In 1987, our first U. Wind-Testing Standards Our Track, Hanger & Sliding Doors undergo extensive wind testing, ensuring our products can withstand extreme wind force. Say Goodbye to Throwing Tarps. Aero has long been recognized as a transportation industry innovator. / 3,025 kgs. One thing to consider when utilizing a Conestoga flatbed is the size of your load. 00 : The C onestoga sliding tarp system transforms your flatbed into a covered trailer in a matter of seconds. Aerodynamic Tarp. The time-tested design insures maximum replacement part compatibility and has customers praising a system that can last for over ten years with minimal maintenance and repair costs. At the rear is Hamilton, Ontario. Arm bases are powder coated where they slide into the aluminum. Your trailer winch is able to move in both directions along this track, but will lock firmly in place when you apply tension. Front-to-back or flip tarp systems for dump trailers are available in a variety of styles - aluminum, steel, electric, and manual; many trailers need an underbody-mounted design in order to avoid getting in the way of your The Tarp All system is an easy, quick, and safe way for tarping flatbed loads. 8:30am-12pm Eastern time. Detroit Tarp is thrilled to offer our customers a wide range of installation service, parts replacement and repairs on all tarps and tarp systems. We offer a wide inventory of tonneau cover replacement parts in this store to repair your ACCESS ® Tonneau Cover. The sliding bow tarp helps in utilizing the trolley rail or even the trolley rail cables. COVER-TECH INC. See Details. This rolling tarp system would make the perfect upgrade for your flatbed trailer. Blog. The aluminium construction ensures that the sliding tarp system is extremely  For that reason, we manufacture high-quality rolling tarp systems. Tarp systems include a retracting frame and tarp that slides back and forth along the length of the flat bed. Since 1993, Y&J Tarp has been manufacturing reliable tarps and tarping systems for construction, agriculture, transportation, and waste applications. TabLoc TAB-LOC patented all steel sliding door frame systems allow one man assembly in only 10 minutes. To undo the system in the morning, simply pull on the guyline tail in order to remove the slippery half hitch, then unthread the system. AeroForce AF925 ROC Tarp System for Roll-off Containers 20' to 27', w/ Sliding Pivot, Adjustable Gantry   2 Aug 2016 However, rolling tarps can be difficult to manipulate by one person if the rollers stick due to lack of lubrication, a dirty or damaged roller track or are jammed by ice and snow. 5 Tires. Aug 25, 2013 · Conestoga / rolling tarps systems Discussion in ' and sliding tandem to spread axle setup which would work for Cali & parts of Canuckistan as well as the normal Using the same, basic pull out tarp system, the spring loaded arms pivot off the sides of the truck body, lifting the tarp up and over a heaped load, rather than rolling down and across it. A curtain side trailer is a flatbed trailer that has had an upper structure installed on the flatbed as a tarping system. Geared to be quick and efficient. System of the Month Careers As the industry leader in rolling tarp systems, Quick Draw is devoted to equipping its customers with top quality products proven to last and stands behind its commitment to excellence in customer service. Oct 01, 2020 · Curtain Side Trailers - 2008 Wabash Combo Flatbed w/ Sliding Tarp System, 53x102 Air Ride Sliding Tandem, Tarp has a 97 Inside Height, Winch Track with Winches, 445 Tower sliding system with no need for maintenance or greasing. Get Conestoga Trailer Pricing The Conestoga Trailer gives you the benefits of a flat-bed truck with the added protection and convenience of a tarping system to cover your cargo. 2005 Transcraft Combo Drop Deck w/ Sliding Tarp, 48x102 Air Ride Spread Axle, Sliding Tarp System 117 Inside Height on Bottom Deck, Winch Track w/ Winches, (1) Aluminum Toolbox, Aluminum Outer Wheels on 22. They hang about 7 feet one each side. Door panels are outfitted with hanger assemblies that ride in the enclosed track. Front speed locks are operated from the ground for increased safety. And even some tarp systems can be run open with the curtain tied to the front bulkhead to do that, too. Browse our Sliding Tarp inventory Aero’s contributions to efficiency and productivity include: The first Side Kits for flatbed trailers, the first side-to-side tarp system, and a a sliding tarp system that turns a flatbed into a fully-covered van in just seconds. Patented Sliding Pivot Set. Call us at (519) 890-4046 in Canada or (313) 332-4654 in the United States to learn more. Carbon steel track is strong and durable. Sliding Truck Tarp System. Remove the roll return mechanism(s) from the We offer sidekits, RoadRunner sliding tarp system, Shurlock style systems, conventional (ratchet style) roll tarps, cable systems, shop curtains, room dividers, roll-up doors, containment liners, and much more! Call us today at 800-TRI-TARP (800-874-8277). The front motor has a 90:1 gear ratio and utilizes existing spring-loaded spools. The driver simply pushes the system forward or backward while always remaining on the ground. Aug 04, 2016 · Still, no two sliding tarping systems are the same and it pays to do your homework. Adaptable to any Flatbed Trailer & Truck Body, Single & Double Drop Trailer, Heavy Duty or Recreational Utility & Gooseneck Trailers. Featuring a powerful double spring assembly, the KOTE covers trailers effortlessly. Large multi-panel sliding doors with triple or double-pane hurricane-proof glass cost $1,000 to $4,000. 2. Whether you are dividing an entire warehouse or sectioning off a specific work area - a warehouse dividing curtain from Western Tarp is the solution you are looking for. 75. If your tarp will be used outside, a waterproof product is more desirable than a water-resistant product. PVC-coated polyester, while lightweight lumber tarps are available for easier physical handling and portability. It provides Kwik-Lock and Wireless Connect solutions from Aero Industries. I have been driving flatbed trailers for 18 years and I am currently 60 years of age. The single line system consists of a 30 foot length of line with a Nite Ize Knot Bone built into a fixed eye on one end, 2 prusiks for tarp attachment and a Nite Ize Figure 9 built into a prusik for the other end. If you want to use one of our many differently styled Double "L" Sliding Winches, you’ll first need our high-strength Aluminum Double "L" Winch Track. 1 1/2" X 3" power pro arms or 2" X 4" (formerly Breeze-o-matic) style. Plastic glide bow ends create less friction, which allows for easier sliding on the top rail. Straight Track Connector - Joins Two Sections of Track. The Vango from Merlot/Vango is fast becoming the #1 rolling tarp system on the market today. Service oriented design All parts are easily accessible. U. Hours of Operation: Mon–Fri: 8AM – 4:30PM. This kit converts an existing manual crank system that has an existing locking latch plate on the roadside and tarp stops on the curbside into a one-touch electric tarp system. Customers can get any Merlot/Vango kit customized to the specifications of their trailer. 00 : $ 0. If you plan to add zippers you will need to determine how far in (from the outer edges of the tarp) the zippers should be placed. Partitioning a factory using a Western dividing curtain allows you to control dust, noise, fumes and traffic to create a more functional and safe workplace. This creates an entirely protected framework that can keep your loads free from dirt, water and other materials. View photos, details, and other Curtain Side Trailers for sale on MyLittleSalesman. Flip tarp systems are extremely versatile. Ask us about our Universal Motors! The panelized tarp gives an attractive, tight look, highlighted by the sleek front bulkhead. It is operated from the ground and is quick to raise. We looked to our Slide-N-Go™ System – the original and still the best in a sliding system – and designed an innovative, yet simple, cable-based sliding system. This trailer comes with: - Coil Package (6 stubby crossmembers) - Hendrickson Intraax 23k Suspension with HXL-5 wheel ends (5 year no lube warranty) - Aluminum 5th wheel plate - Galvanized Suspension Hangers 2020 REITNOUER, BIGGER BUBBA CURTAIN SIDE - SLIDING VAN TARP Semi-Trailers - Curtain Side / Roll Tarp Trailers, Used curtain side trailer for sale at Midco Sales. Each heavy-duty lumber tarp is made of waterproof 18 oz. The present track, wheels and framework were developed and optimized in 1996. There are other sliding Tarp systems as well available which fall under the category of Front-to-Back systems. Flap tarps are perfect for protecting the load from dirt and rain. Our tarp kit systems come complete with custom made hardware and tarps. Box track is a top hung system, where the track is mounted over an opening. It only takes two to three minutes to completely cover a 53’ trailer. However you need to cover your trailer, Roll·Rite® has a tarp system for your application. - Vars, ON 2012 MANAC, Heated Van, Units with barn & roll doors. Live Haul Side Curtain Systems. The Vango Installed by Detroit Tarp is fast becoming the #1 rolling tarp system on the market today. These tarps come in a variety of materials including mesh, vinyl, hot top and more. Mountain Tarps KOTE electric flip tarp system is designed for open top trailers from 40" to 48" long. · Covenient. Riverview has been installing these systems and selling these tarps for over 20 years. Cramaro Tarpaulin Systems quickly became the leader in Canada for ground controlled load covering systems. Black panelized tarp panels, skylights in every other tarp panel, quad lift bows to minimize tarp droop when operating, can be unlocked/locked at the front or the rear, crank handle style roll up rear door to give maximum door opening, 98 interior height, 6 man door in bulkhead The sliding or rolling tarp trailers that are in ATS are used just like the normal flatbed trailers other than not hauling over width loads. , Ltd. 00 USD. The Vango has earned the reputation as the most durable and easy to operate rolling tarp system on America's highways. 2012 MANAC Heated Van. There’s no need to worry about having enough space for your cargo; our tarps are made to be flexible, so they can accommodate oversized loads. material as our heavy-duty lumber tarps on the top section and tail flap – areas most susceptible to high levels of stress – while 14 O'Brian Tarper System Part No: OTS Click Here For General Info Features: • A basic tarper • No bells and whistles • Easy installation • 3-piece arm for ease of maintenance • Pre-plumbed modular assy • Tarp cradle with windscreen for tarp protections • Spring loaded roller tube assy • Stabilizer bar used to give additional lateral support to the tarp arms • No divider Tarps curtains for any use in a variety of colors and configurations. Including side roll, spring loaded pull tarps, cable driven sliding bow systems, and heavy duty aluminum arm systems. LCT-Load Covering Utility Trailers (offsite) LCS Hard Top-Soft Side Curtain Systems. Very easy to install and even easier to operate, this Winch Track is designed to offer optimal strength with little effort. We will fabricate your Curtainside systems specifically to meet your custom trailer specifications. Engineered Roll Tops Sliding Tarp Systems Gliding Trailer Cover Rolling Canopy Sliding Tarp System. Don’t forget your stake! Tarp tied off to a nearby tree using the McCarthy hitch. Aero Industries, Inc. We offer custom-made tarps so you can build your ideal truck tarp system for your dump truck or utility trailer. Search for New and Used Farm Equipment, Implements, Machinery and Trucks For Sale throughout Sometimes called rolling tarp systems, retractable tarps, sliding systems… Yinjiang Canvas have one main mission: That mission is to allow you to tarp without putting a foot on the trailer and to keep your load dry in any weather. 26 Oct 2012 I fancy myself as being pretty damn good with the Google, and yet it took me about 15 minutes to figure out that people call these things: rolling or retractable tarp systems for trucks. Easy wind or electric operation ensures quick, hassle free tarping of your load. A full load can be covered in minutes. At the end of the flatbed, systems feature a rolling tarp that extends down to cover the rear end of flatbed. 20. They are located every 30" to cover your load securely. We will sell the complete trailer with tarp OR install a tarp on your existing trailer. Adding complete protection from the elements and discrete transportation of your  Find the perfect sliding tarp system stock photo. It will further utilize a trolley cable or the tubular track, trolley base and wheels with a bow support. Take control and keep your tarp tight by fine tuning tension with a 21 spline, heavy duty U-joint. When mounting Ceiling Mount Hardware for Industrial Divider Track Systems and Industrial Curtains, the Y&J YJST900 Sliding Tarp System Trailer. Select the Components You Need. Cable Systems use either one or two cables to deploy and retract the tarp. Sliding Pivots offer maximum adjustability to cover varying sized containers. Certified Installation Dealer for "the LOOK engineered sliding systems". Sliding Winches Roadside Tie Bar Curbside 60" Aluminum Box Rear Axle Dump Valve 48' - 102" Flat Bed Vango Tarp System 100" Outside Equipment Height DOT Bulkhead 20 oz. Starting MSRP $821. Side to Side Tarp Systems. 0 out of 5 stars 1,008. For Sliding Curtains and Doors - 6' length: $ 18. The efficient tarpaulin system. It comes complete with a heavy-duty polypropylene, mesh tarp, tubular steel rods, lock collars, manual crank, detent latch to prevent unrolling, and a standard 2" pocket for the FREE Rear Anti-Sail Bar (brackets and lock collar also included). 3. keeping you safely on the ground when you tarp your load. EZ-Slide Cable Tarp Systems JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The company also provides glide-sliding bow and side-kick systems. The attractive alternative to our standard SafeServer system when mainly lo. The company holds more than 75 patents and manufactures a complete line of American-made products for dumps, flatbeds, agriculture, refuse and other trailer applications. Tarps Now offers all kinds of industrial curtain track & hardware to keep your divider curtain system rolling smoothly. Roll Off Truck Parts. Combine body The sliding tarpaulin can be moved with a few moves. For a dump truck tarp system call Dan at 757-615-4379. The Cramaro Slide N Go™ truck & trailer tarp system is ideally suited for hauling products such as sand, dirt, gravel, and asphalt, as well as other products. See figure 3. Flatbed Truck Tarps and Trucking Supplies by Mytee Products. 30" wide front and rear bows for increased stability and smooth rolling. Version with a single-piece tarp and rectangular buffers. Stainless steel hardware is used where available. 00 The Fliegl ASW tarpaulin works simply and effectively. Whether you need a drop deck, straight truck or flatbed tarp system, Verduyn Tarps builds the best system for you! Time Savings. We manufacture the RoadRunner Sliding Tarp System at Our facility from the ground up. US Tarp is a proud supplier of tarp systems for dump trucks, trailers, and refuse applications, complete tarp systems, replacement parts, and heavy duty tarps. I modified off with 2 more tie outs for when the rain really starts to fall. Drivers save 1 to 2 hours per day in tarping time; Fuel Savings Sliding Systems, Inc offers complete Curtainside aluminum trailer installation services at our Curtainside manufacturing facility in Haslett, Michigan. Removable bow end and anti-shift are built-in with optional anti-lift. This ensures a Quality product and a Perfect fit. Working Load Limit: 6,670 lbs. The tapered profile tucks in above the tires and below the container rub rail, accommo- dates older style rolloffs and clears. Canada present Loc'N Load The BEST Rear Lock and Tensioning Mechanism Designed for a Sliding Tarp System in the Industry. has a great selection of truck tarp hardware and parts to complement any tarp setup, including those on trucks, trailers, grain carts, belly dumps, fertilizer boxes and more. ShadeFX 4 – ShadeFX’s Patented Single Track Retractable Canopy is unique and addresses all outdoor framing issues as well as the wing width issue in one super Trailer is outfitted with an Aero Conestoga XP sliding tarp system. 코리아모빌리티는 냉동밴, 장애인이동차량, 적재시스템 등 다양한 차종, 고객에 맞추어 세팅되는 특장으로 귀하의 삶을 더욱 업그레이드 하세요! Shop for Tarps Outdoor Shade in Patio & Garden at Walmart and save. When it comes time to replace your worn tarp, the Stellar Auto Tarper has the easiest and quickest tarp replacement on the market. Power front-to-back style tarp systems or side lock down tarp systems quickly and reliably contain and protect your payload. See used tractor-trailer on Planet Trucks. is the industry leader in Rolling tarp Trailers. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. With and without tuck away gates. The tarpaulin covers the load completely and offers in particular effective protection against water. Provides all the support of a bowed tarp system but the bows all move automatically out of the way with the tarp when covering or uncovering. At the moment we produce and sell the LT ALU LEG, Aluminium drop legs, NETCAP sliding tarp systems and a variety of body building materials such as tarp tensioners, doors and folding plates for sliding roofs. We welcome you to Tarpco. Stock # D08591, MLS # 10124460 I’ve moved to a DCF tarp. Mountain Tarp manufactures tarping systems for a variety of applications. With Shur-Co® adding the ShurTite™ product to its family of products, the access and availability of retractable tarping systems, parts, and tarps is unmatched in the industry. 0 kgs. Call us for a quote on installing a rolling tarp system on your straight truck or trailer. But did you know that SSI offers complete Kit Packages for Curtainside installation in your own shop? Custom Flatbed Trailer Tarp Systems. DS Tarp Ramp Bolt On Driver: PT209BDS: DS Tarp Ramp Bolt On Dr Stl: PT209BP: DS Tarp Ramp Bolt On Passenger: PT209S: DS Tarp Ramp 12. Tri-County Tarp's RoadRunner Sliding Tarp System is a Convenient Tarp System that has All of the Ease and Versatility of a flat bed trailer with the look of a van trailer. Shop Canvas Drop Cloths at acehardware. Select your trailer style above to view tarp systems recommended for your application. Quick Draw Tarpaulin Systems ™ are a premium quality rolling tarp system for flatbed trucks, trailers and drop deck trailers. If your new business needs to haul product that is either too heavy or slightly too wide for most other kinds of delivery and freight trucks,  Lavergne Tennessee Roll Tops Tarps Rolling Tarps retractable Tarps Trailer Load Covering Nashville. It also provides a secure anchor for staking or attaching poles or guy lines. Mar 21, 2018 · Dump Truck Tarp Systems - A high-quality heavy duty mesh tarp or a solid tarp, such as vinyl or RFL is integral to the overall success of containing any load. Built from the ground up, the AeroForce ROC tarp system delivers the ultimate roll-off application versatility, strength, and security AEROFORCE COMPRESSION SPRINGS PROVIDE 2X THE DOWNFORCE VERSATILE TOWER AND SLIDING PIVOTS 8X STRONGER ARM Call or email for more information Donovan® — The Products You Need, The Options You Want, The Service You Deserve! Our Donovan® brand was designed with you and your work in mind. No matter what you need, we have engineered each of our  The Eagle Smart Tarp Retractable System is ideal for flatbed trailers. Home of the Fastrak® sliding tarp system for flatbed trailers!. Floor Type: Aluminum Floor. And, unlike other types of flatbed truck tarp systems, they can be tailored to the exact specifications of your trailer. The winch moves easily in both directions, but locks firmly in place when tension is applied. We also install the AERO XP kit on a 48' for $14,990 and on a 53' for $15,890. Features & Benefits. We know the importance of having a tarp that protects your load from the harsh elements when trucking. Rear bungee return system; Stationary crank for rolling tarp. LOAD COVERING TRAILERS specializes in the marketing of load covering systems for a wide range of smaller open deck, utility and gooseneck trailers. T. If you haul more than one size container on your roll off or hook hoists, the Roll·Rite® DC350 tarp system was designed for your operation. com and get Free Store Pickup at your neighborhood Ace. Slide the tarp axle back until the end of the spline on the back of the axle is 22” to 24” away from the end of Roll-Rite Tarp System & Parts. 3-axle sliding tarpaulin platform semitrailer with twin-level loading system for rapid loading and unloading; OPTIONAL: Variable load securing via bolt-on lashing systems (airline lashing rail, perforated combination impact protection)  Low corrosion, high-quality aluminium body components, tested according to EN 12642 XL; Lightweight construction with perforated side members made from special high-strength Naxtra steel; Perforated external frame with approx. Safety All operations are carried out safely from the ground without the need to manip- We feature a huge selection of custom sizes and colors to choose from. Aug 01, 2014 · However, the team from Load Covering Solutions (LCS), Buffalo, N. 200 S. Roll Rite Tarp Lower Arm, Under Mount Pivot, Motor, Axle Bearing, Electric Kit. My sewing skills aren’t great but they hold strong. Paris Supply offers an incredible variety of truck bed slide out tool box, sliding truck bed tool box and topsider toolbox at best prices. Tarps feature brass grommets and heavy duty double-stitched and reinforced hems. WeatherGuard 3 X corrosion resistant over standard zinc plating. Rolling tarp systems have replaced sidekits as the preferred method for covering flatbed freight. When I made the decision to purchase a sliding tarp system to make my load covering days easier, I assumed it would be a flat top system most commonly seen running up & down our interstates. Your drivers simply walk the tarp closed, tension the tarp, lower the flap door, and depart. While shopping around, you may discover two types of lumber tarps. The Y&J rolling trap systems is fast becoming the #1 The Tarp Ridge Line (TRL) allows you to effortlessly and consistently hang your tarp. Find a better price? We'll beat it by 5%. • Deploy Tarp While Sliding Pivots Back • Tarp Deployed and Pivots Back • Lower Tower, Slide Pivot Forward, Tighten Tarp RollRite ® We have rolling tarp systems in stock and ready to go to work. Detroit Tarp has the knowledge and experience to keep your tarps and tarp systems lasting longer NEW Benson 48 x 102 all aluminum flatbeds with Aero Sliding Tarp System! All aluminum construction including frame, front, rear, sides and floor with (3) Apitong nail strips, 30” king pin, reinforced coil zone in floor rated for 52,000 in 4’ concentrated, 121” widespread air ride set to the rear, winch track driver side with 12 sliding winches and winch strap tie bar passenger side Water: Any tarp exposed to the elements is going to endure some rain. Buy Online & Pickup Today. Our Fastrak II. Feb 12, 2012 · Regardless of tarp height it always is in the center, (taller the tarp system the taller the tensioner) Others only pull on the bottom of the car so the top of the tarp can be loose (Chameleon and Aero), or they use ratchet straps which means you have to climb on the trailer to tighten it and the rear flap has to be open. Check our selection of tarpaulin and cargo control products and our low prices! This trailer features an innovative sliding tarp design system that covers and secures the contents of your truck bed. Firstly, the tarp may have a flap on the front-end. Netcap designs its sliding tarps according to the specific wishes of its customers. Kinedyne 15" EPDM Rubber Tarp Tie - Kinedyne Covid-19 Statement: Kinedyne Manufacturing and Distribution Centers remain open, click here to learn more. Dec 05, 2020 · 53' - 102" Flat Bed Vango Sliding Tarp System, 100" Outside Equipment Height, Bulkhead with Man Door, 20 oz. Truckhugger Tarps Systems manufactures a range of tarps for trucks and trailers. Dec 08, 2020 · 2021 REITNOUER BIG BUBBA W/VANGO SLIDING TARP SYSTEM. Rolling Tarp Sliding Tarp Flatbed Steel Hauling Trailers. The innovative surface treatment offers excellent corro-sion protection. Why Buy the Eagle Rolling Tarp System? The Eagle tarp system provides numerous benefits. is a global leader in the manufacturing of tarp systems and trailer accessories. 71 $ 26. Choose quality Inspect tarping systems closely – especially the seams – to see how well they’ve been constructed. Pulltarps cable tarp systems are the best tarping solution for most applications, especially long end dumps and open-top containers. We also offer specialized tarp systems that can accommodate flat bed, drop deck, and double drop deck trailers. The new system has “been on our planning radar for  SZHOWORLD 10PCS Black Heavy Duty Outdoor Camping Tarp Clips Sliding- Lock Grip Tent/Awning Clamps Tie Downs (10PCS Large Size) Used these to convert old piercing fishing cull system into culling clips that didn't harm bass. Combo lumber tarps use the same 18 oz. A Breakthrough In Tarping Systems For The Next Century. 2013 Benson 48x102 Aluminum flatbed with tarp system , air spread, Merlot Vango Conestoga kit, man door, chain racks & trays, 3 new panels with 2 skylights, & new rear end 88" I/H, just repaired opens and closes easily winch track with 12 winches, J hook track without the hooks, coil pack, new slacks on front axle, (4) new shocks, 4 new tires & 4 new caps, brakes 70% 2020 Dorsey COMBO GIANT VANGO SLIDING TARP Curtain Side Trailer for sale in Georgia for $55,995. INFO. New Mac Aluminum Flatbed; Fastrak II Sliding Tarp System; Roll-up rear curtain; Aluminum rear curtain handle located in aluminum storage keeper, mounted to Large Selection of New Mac Aluminum Trailers: Flats, Sliding Tarps, and Dumps. Easy Tarp Replacement. Patent Number 5,853,164. From heavy duty mesh tarps and waterproof vinyl tarps, to 400 degree-rated asphalt truck tarps. The motor comes with a full three-year warranty and is the same proven motor that has been used by Sioux City Tarp for years for their motorized tarp systems. These brackets give the track stability and strength and prevent the enclosed track from opening up over time. 00 / Set. Quickslide Curtain System ™ Live Haul Side Curtain Systems. The Fliegl ASW sliding tarpaulin is  . However, the Conestoga XP features redesigned speed lock systems on both the front and rear of the system. Panelized Tarp with Skylight, Roll-up Curtain Rear Sliding glass door prices are $400 to $1,800 on average, depending on the size, number of panels, glass type, brand, and materials. Load Covering Solutions Inc. It's constructed of formed carbon steel for long lasting use. With less down time and maintenance these systems will quickly pay for themselves. com. You can even customize your tarp with your company’s name printed on it for a small fee. Flatbed trailer winches in a wide variety of styles: weld on, sliding, double L, ratcheting, and more. These liquid tight containers feature sealed gates, open, sliding, rolling tops, or tarp roof systems to allow for easy access for depositing and transporting sludge, drill cuttings, and other waste Sliding Hatch Cover. Edscha Trailer Systems stand for quality, flexibility and efficiency! A high and  All systems function in both USA and Canada without compromise. From truck tarps to bungees, edge protectors, chains, boomers and much more, Mytee Products carries a full line of trucking supplies and cargo control products for trucking professionals. All tarps are made from one continuous piece of fabric with no welds or seams. Along with our tarp installation we can protect your equipment with Quicksilver and DuraPro Liners. It’s a lightweight electric-over-hydraulic covering system that is much simpler to operate, maintain and install, and offers a lower overall cost of ownership than heavy, leak-prone hydraulic tarpers common to the roll-off industry. No need to register, buy now! SLIDING BOW TARPS - 100%. Side to Side systems is generally synonymous with roll tarp systems. The original design and concept of a Sliding Tarpaulin System started with providing the North American Transportation Industry with a safe and easy ground level operating covering system which would perform every day and last as long as the flatbed it was installed on. S. The sliding tarpaulin is our extremely efficient tarpaulin system. The Sliding Winch Track from Buyers Products is a universal 72 in. European standard car with a length of 19. Hard to find trailer winches. Dont know a lot the ins and outs of the tarp type trailers but this unit seems to work pretty good. The heavy-duty carport covers are waterproof, triple laminated polyethylene material that is designed to last. A tarpaulin support for a tarpaulin system that turns a flat bed trailer into a fully covered van and back again into an open flat bed trailer. Two arm styles available. The labor cost to install sliding glass doors is $300 to $600. More. The Eclipse Dump Truck Tarp System is a high-quality, safe solution to securing those industrial, farm, and even personal hauls. Roll·Rite is the leading manufacturer of electric tarp systems, tarps, gear motor technology and automated power solutions. Our system works with both rack & pinion as well as strap trap doors, and the straps don’t have to be removed when the Lock-N-Release is installed. TURFSIDER® Roll Up Curtain System (off site) Chameleon flatbed rolling tarp systems (aka conestoga tarps or rolltite tarps) retract and extend to give side and overhead loading access. To think that this company has come from making tarps in an alley in Akron, to a website you can reach from anywhere in the world. We make our roll-up tonneau covers to last. Integrated Housing for maximum wind and tarp protection is pre-assembled for easy installation. Trucking is a great industry to get into because there is always work to be done for customers. Roll Rite, LLC designs and manufactures state-of-the-art automated tarp systems and components for the heavy duty trucking industry serving the Construction, Waste, Scrap & Recycling and Agriculture Markets. 100 mm  Slide N Go™ · The Original Sliding Tarp System. Our slim design allows the electric motor to easily fit between the cab and box. Picture Above & Two Pictures Below: LCS announces July 2019 the kick off of a new Trained & Certified ROLLING TARP SYSTEM Installer , "Trailer Connection Inc. Sliding tarp systems, such as the ones provided by Glider Systems Inc. You can tension the entire system with the turn of just one bolt at ground level. SafeRack’s flatbed tarping systems are engineered to be safe for drivers and save time, increasing truck turn. Used for sliding bow system applications. Panelized Tarp in Black Roll-up Curtain Rear Inside LED Lights on Bulkhead Chain Hangers Man Door in Bulkhead ZERO DOWN $1145 month FOR RENT-INFINITY 53X102 AIR RIDE FLATBEDS Similar Listing: 10974228 For Sale | 46 total results. Save time and money tarping your open top van or trash transfer trailer with the C. Customer Feedback. High Quality Tarps, Outside Covers, Protection, Industrial Use, Curtains, Dividers 16 Gauge Galvanized Steel Track - For Sliding Curtains and Doors - 6' length, $ 18. 90 meters / 65 feet 3-7/16 inches. SLIDING BACK INTO TARP. Sine 1993, Y&J Tarp has been manufacturing reliable tarps and tarping systems for construction, agriculture, transportation, and waste applications. GOVERNMENT (USG) INFORMATION SYSTEM (IS) THAT IS PROVIDED FOR USG-AUTHORIZED USE ONLY. The Rounded Top System is Industry Unique to Tri-County Tarp. · Versatile. Step-by-step directions: the trucker’s hitch 16 Gauge Galvanized Steel Track - For Sliding Curtains and Doors - 8' Length. pdf diagram and photos. Crank-N-Go 3 is available in both electric and manual versions. From side roll and cable tarp systems to swing arm dumps and rack kit systems, we specialize in building tarp systems that are engineered to enhance performance and profit. TRAILER MODELReitnouer Bigger BubbaDIMENSIONSLength: 53'Width: 102"Inner Height: 10'Overall Height: 13'5"TARP SYSTEMMerlot Vango Sliding Improvements to a retractable tarp cover system for containers US6478361B1 (en) * 2001-10-22: 2002-11-12: Ronald L. Equipment; New tarp system reduces wind drag, helps reduce emissions August 8, 2016. As long as you keep your customers' belongings safe during the delivery  Edscha Trailer Systems, Europe's market and technological leader for sliding roofs for trucks, offers the optimum roof system for transport vehicles with tarpaulin covers. , had a practical and rockin’ solution—a retractable sliding tarp system that opens like an accordion to cover a flatbed and cargo up to 102 inches in width. Curtain Side / Roll Tarp Trailers. Manufacturer: REITNOUER. I got tired of picking up 100 lb. The tarp replacement is quickly done with everyday tools. $2,000. The load is accessible within a matter of minutes. Barn Curtains, Screens & Tarps for Agricultural Buildings Steel Guard’s Agricultural barn curtains help provide protection from elements as well as a healthy environment for your livestock, ultimately conserving your energy costs. Wood: Tarpaulin tightening device US6634697B1 (en) 2002-07-05: 2003-10-21: Aero-Kit Industries Inc. FLIP LID. FRIGID RENTALS INC. Slide axle back into tarp, and go to rear of trailer. We carry everything from tarps to replacement motors. 71 Our Wagon Master Sliding Tarp System has a Dome Top: - 6 Ft Side with 7 Ft Center . Pull-Style Tarp System with Spring Assist Includes everything you need to protect and contain your truck's load. We make custom tarp systems for your truck and trailer. Remove the hand crank attachment from the back of the axle. Products. Mar 25, 2014 · These systems work well enough but can be quite imposing on aesthetics as a pergola 16’ wide will need two tracks about 10’ apart and necessary cross beams among the rafters. Steel tarps are specifically designed to cover steel and other cargo loads requiring a 4-sided covering and are a great option for Tarps Now Curtain Track Systems and Ceiling Mount Hardware. Introducing the 1st Ever Round Top Sliding Tarp System specific to HOT SHOT Drivers with Goose Neck Trailers. These systems help you stay safe and follow the law. Tarp Spool Housings: Three tarp spool kit styles to meet mounting requirements for your style dump truck. TSI is proud to be a Merlot/Vango dealer (panelized tarp systems). Financial Calculator. features, Coil Pkg, LCS Windmaster Sliding Tarp System. location was established outside Boston, MA. Automatic arrester hooks  Features. Hamilton, ON L8E 2W2 View in Google Maps Agri-Cover, Inc. The "store and send later" data approach ensures the system can work through long periods without mobile network connectivity. Portable garages for cars and trucks feature heavy-duty structural steel frames, double zipper front door entry and anchoring system. $26. 5-Spring Aluminum Side Mount Tarp System for 14 to 23 Foot Dump Bodies Durable aluminum construction with intuitive fingertip controls. The tarp is fixed on one end and free on the other. Feb 20, 2010 · best sliding tarp system for a dropdeck? I've been having some trouble with my new Conestoga LOOK system, but after a few modifications it's almost perfect. LCT - Load Covering Utility Trailers (off site) Hard Top-Soft Side Curtain Systems. Weight: 8. The solid vinyl tarp is rated up to 400F for covering asphalt. This form will be cleared. Like competitors' products, it has a metal framework that supports a tarpaulin  Elcargo® mechanical tarp systems by E-Cargo are well known for their water tightness, the toughness of their anchoring hooks and for being so easy and quick to operate. Livestock ventilation, climate and dust control. Stock# N3RS-BV-1CS 2021 Fontaine Aero Sliding tarp 53 x 102 combo flatbeds CA and C Call Reno's Trailer Sales & Rental LLC at 800-734-1497 NEW Fontaine Infinity 53 x 102 Combination aluminum and steel flatbeds with Aero Sliding Tarp System! Combo construction with aluminum side rails, rear and floor with (4) Apitong nai NEW Benson 48 x 102 all aluminum flatbeds with Aero Sliding Tarp System! All aluminum construction including frame, front, rear, sides and floor with (3) Apitong nail strips, 30” king pin, reinforced coil zone in floor rated for 52,000 in 4’ concentrated, 121” widespread air ride set to the rear, winch track driver side with 12 sliding winches and winch strap tie bar passenger side Oct 31, 2016 · With top class products comes top class service. The track is attached to the building by brackets. If you need tough sliding tarp systems for your truck or fleet, you’ve come to the right place. , in partnership with our employees, will prepare and meet the high expectations of our customers globally. $3. But life happens, there is always the possibility your tonneau cover could be damaged. The company has been in operation since 1978 and offers easy pull and air tarping systems. When it comes to covering your load the Fastrak sliding tarp system glides over the load without ever touching your customer’s product, projecting a professional image to your clients. Pinnacle can have sliding tarp systems installed by Quick Draw sliding tarp systems or LCS (Load Covering Solutions), to you new or used flatbeds or drop decks. Search by state or city for all your Rolltops and Open Deck Retractable, Rolling & Sliding Soft Sided Roll Top Tarps Covering Requirements. We are an authorized dealer for Chameleon Rolling tarp systems. KIts include skylights, standard uplift bo Sliding tarpaulins. Slide axle back into tarp and go to rear of trailer. Learn More → News/Events When fully open, the system will compress to 8 feet long and lock to any spot on the trailer track. WILLIAMSVILLE, N. 8 lbs. Wide clearance sliding tarping systems for flat bed trailers of truck bodies Top hung sliding system for external timber or metal doors up to 200kg Ideal for industrial applications Steel top track galvanised to BS EN 10346 Hangers with precision ball bearings and high performance steel wheels provide smooth operation Alibaba. This feature extends the life of the tarp, and saves money over the life of the system. PT231: DS Manual Mount bumpers on bow contact the rear of the container. This product provides complete access to both the front and back of a trailer, while completely protecting the load from the elements. The alum Windmaster GR8LOOK Rolling Tarp System. 8" x 3" Steel: PT211: DS Ratchet Gear w/Nut: PT215: Dump Shade Ratchet Assembly: PT219: Dump Shade Jump Ramps STL: PT223: DS Pull Bar Cap with Set Screw: PT230: DS Manual Pivot Bracket Al. Sliding Bow Tarp - 100% Waterproof This system is a fully waterproof wind out tarp. These sliding winches and track combinations provide an efficient and flexible securement system. Contact 519-923-3500 or info@martarp. adjusts to cover various sized containers from 10 to 40 cubic yards. , are retractable to a section at the front or rear of the trailer. In this pursuit, we will strive to become innovative, exemplary, and technology rich. 28 Feb 2019 The sliding tarp-system allows complete access to all sides of the flatbed, offering loading and unloading just as easy as a flatbed. – LCS Load Covering Solutions has introduced its new Windmaster Smartlook sliding tarp system, aimed at reducing wind drag while providing less emissions and promoting safer driving. Customize your tarp now using our 3-step builder. Waterproofing  Tarps curtains for any use in a variety of colors and configurations. 12", 6", flat and other rises are available. The following are some of the main trailer and deck types that we design rolling tarp systems for. Call us at 1-888-762-6872 T4L truck tarps contain first quality 10, 14, and 18 ounce vinyl tarp fabric. Tarps may be either water-resistant or waterproof. The support is comprised of an upper tubular bow of inverted U-shape to extend laterally across a trailer and, each side of the bow having a lateral, downwardly extending tubular arm. The Slide 'N Go™ Truck Tarp System from Cramaro Tarps is the perfect way to cover and uncover your trailer, dump truck or open top container. The Mountain Tarp, Tarp-N-Go is an accordion-style cable tarp system for dump trucks and dump trailers from 15′ to 40′ (custom size lengths and widths are available…call for details). The benefits to a panelized, retractable tarp system are: Saves you time and money when repairs are  20 Feb 2016 Three Reasons Why Your New Business Should Use Sliding Tarp Systems For Shipping. This system, now called the Slide-N-Go, has been and continues to be the industry standard for sliding cable systems. The ShurTite™ systems are built with top-quality aluminum and tarp materials, adhering to the Shur-Co’s strict manufacturing standards, and are Our sliding tarp systems are uniquely designed to keep your cargo safe, benefiting your drivers and the vehicles they share the road with. Chose your matching solution: with manual or electrical drive, with or without tarpaulin protective roof. Terrace Ct Newark, OH 43055 1-800-535-0104 740-366-4002 Flatbed Tarping Systems. At High Country Motors, LLC, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. The front of the tarp can be tapered with the front bow height lower than the other bows. 1-877-209-9344. Tarping Systems, Inc. Superior to other brands, each system is tailor made to fit and function perfectly on your specific make and model trailer. GLIDER™ Tarp Systems Inc. Roll Tarps & Systems, Lumber Tarps, Coil Tarps, Custom Tarps, Mobile Repair, Cargo Control, Canopy's, Shade Cloth/Tarps, Tie Downs, Mesh Rolls, Electric Arm Systems & Much More. Benefits of a curtain side trailer include a fast load and unload and simpler partial deliveries. SRT-2™ Electric Tarp Conversions are built to last and made to perform. The time saved by not having to tarp by hand will more than pay for the system during its life time. YOU ARE ACCESSING A U. RJ TRUCKS -  The Truck Tarp System is a sliding cable system designed to quickly cover and uncover materials stored in trailers, dump trucks or open top containers. Simple and durable, Kinedyne’s 15” Rubber Tarp Tie is manufactured from quality EPDM to give it the much-needed protection against heat. Steel Tarps are an essential piece of flatbed trucking equipment designed to protect cargo from harsh weather conditions and debris on the road. I-Slide3 & 4 Basic Flat Top System. We are located outside of Lansing, Michigan. Roll Off Trailer Parts. Wind Deflector provides standard wind and tarp protection. 6K likes. track able to handle any standard winch. 106 of Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Substantial force may be required to push the sliding  Rolling Tarps For Sale and Installed at Country Blacksmith Trailers. Tarp quickly slides into any position for easy loading and unloading. The Tarp-N-Go is available with four covering options: Anti-Pollution Mesh, Anti-Pollution Vinyl, Semi-Waterproof Vinyl, and Side Drop Vinyl. A wide variety of sliding tarps options are available to you, such as technics, use, and feature. The use of a sliding tarp significantly reduces loading and unloading times. A truck and trailer tarp system you can trust, EZ-LOC ® Roll Tarps are a quality choice for your business. Tarps; Swimming Pool & Outdoor Water Toys Wham-O Slip 'N Slide Surf Rider Double Sliding Lanes 16ft , color may vary. Like all Mountain Tarp swing arm systems, the KOTE comes standard with Mountain Tarps guaranteed unbreakable aluminum swing arms. ® (Cramaro Trash System). com Rolling tarp systems have replaced sidekits as the preferred method for covering flatbed freight. Sliding Tarp Systems. The cables drive the bows which are inserted through pockets in the tarp. Rolling Tarps Systems,Retractable Sliding Tarp Systems , Find Complete Details about Rolling Tarps Systems,Retractable Sliding Tarp Systems,Rolling Tarps Systems,Retractable Tarp Systems,Sliding Tarp Systems from 100% Polyester Fabric Supplier or Manufacturer-Yangzhou Yinjiang Canvas Products Co. The SNG covers and uncovers in seconds by way of a ground level manually operated chain driven crank or an optional electric drive system. The name of TarpStop's rolling tarp system, FasTrack, partly describes it. Preparation: 1. More than just a continuation of the original Fastrak design, the Fastrak II incorporates additional features that simplify operation and increase overall utility. Lumber tarps are ideal for lumber, trim molding, wall board and more. Cable Systems are available with either electric drives or manual hand cranks. Truck Quick Opening Slider System for sliding curtain trailers tarp system. Electric Arm Systems. Dedicated Dome Roof Sliding Systems for Steel Haulers. sliding tarp systems

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